Fertilizer Recommendations for Early Cotton Sowing in Fertile Land

  • The Department of Agriculture and the Government of Punjab have issued fertilizer recommendations for early cotton sowing.
  • The recommended fertilizer quantities for fertile land are as follows:
NutrientKilograms per Hectare
Nitrogen (N)35
Phosphorus (P2O5)90
Potassium (K2O)38

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Fertilizer quantity in bags per acre:

  • 1.5 bags DAP + 3.5 bags Urea + 1.5 bags SOP/SOP
  • 4 bags Single Super Phosphate (18) + 4 bags Urea + 1.5 bags SOP/CAN/SOP
  • 3.5 bags Nitrophos + 2.5 bags Urea + 1.5 bags SOP/SOP
  • 3.5 bags Nitrophos + 4 bags Calcium Ammonium Nitrate + 1.5 bags SOP/SOP


  • Apply the full amount of phosphorus and non-nitrogenous fertilizers and a quarter of the nitrogenous fertilizer during land preparation. Apply the remaining nitrogenous fertilizer in 4 to 5 installments, ensuring application during crucial stages like flowering, boll formation, and after the first picking.

For further information, please consult your nearest agricultural officer.

Department of Agriculture and Government of Punjab

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